What Other Platforms Do Not Want Us To Know


Put out highly monetized video content without competition from a saturated community.Get out of being stuck in a rut waiting for your channel to gain traction which goes on for months and months without any progress.

your content in a shorter period of time with Umyotube and let people
see your creativity and talent right from the start.

What new features does this platform offer? Facebook Post, Messenger, Chat, Articles, Monthly Subscriptions, Rent and Buy Movies, Video’s on Demand, Control Your Advertising & More

  • Get more from your content. Happily put out content knowing that you’re getting a whopping 80% of what your video makes compared to the 5% other platforms offer.
  • Offer monthly subscriptions. Get the chance to ask your audience to pay an affordable monthly subscription for your content. For something as small as $3 per month, you can get $300K monthly from 100K subscribers.
  • Get the power back to you! We believe you should be the owner of the content you put out. Have more freedom in knowing you’re the one earning the most from your effort and talent.
  • Skyrocket your channel faster. With a fresh community, you can earn more and earn faster. No more waiting for the algorithm gods to favor you before you start making your first dollar.
  • No more walls between you and your money. Get monetized as soon as possible! No more absurd targets and numbers that keep content creators feeling like their work is not worth anything.

People are seeking change and we’re making it happen with Umyotube. We want you to become part of our growing community.

Open your account today and start seeing real money flow into your pockets as early as possible. We believe you are skilled and talented and you should be paid for it.

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