Step 8

The objective of a Black Wall Street Business Proposal is to develop a partnership with Black Wall Street and businesses along the potential district in order to create and protect black business value which will ensure the needs of the stakeholders are understood and addressed.


The mission of this project is to be the voice of the black business community in the service area and to provide leadership, economic growth and community development. To provide an opportunity for members to meet each other and exchange views and discuss relevant topics.

Formulate views on City and State policy and legislation and communicate these views to the appropriate authorities so that the (BWS District) may have a greater influence on matters affecting commerce in the area.

Black Wall Street was created to sustain and increase black businesses in the black community and in other communities through economic development. Summits are held on a quarterly basis to further allow conversations on the issues facing black business and resolutions in respect to both profit and non-profit businesses.

Black Wall Street have maintained a platform whereby black owned businesses can come together to openly discuss their struggles and appeal to the people at large. This allows other businesses to recognize the need to participate and take a pro-active stand on black owned businesses in the black community or face the harsh reality of failure.


The initiatives are designed to ensure the sustainability of the purpose and its key role in the lives of those whom Black Wall Street serve, as well as local, state and national/federal venues.

These initiatives include:

– Mission and planning refinement

– Management and Leadership Development

– Community Dialogue and Stakeholder Development

– Community Development

– Consumer Empowerment

Strategic Plan:

– Identify problems and the role of political leaders

– Capacity to respond and address internal strengths and weaknesses of the businesses

– Partnerships and outreach including retention and attraction

– Economic Development

– Increase funding to small businesses

– Expectations by state, federal and community for diversity efforts

Five Point Proposal:

Five key strategies are proposed to be designed and initiated in the fulfillment of the goal of improving the sustainability of Black Wall Street members.

Mission and Planning Refinement:

– The organization’s vision of the community it serves

– The organization’s mission in order to seek the vision it holds for the community

– Service development

– Organizational development, management and governance

– Partnership development

Management and Leadership Development:

– Strong working knowledge of business and the ability to lead and manage principles and capabilities in carrying out the mission of BWS

– Create and sustain a corporate culture

– Proven management and leadership practices and concepts

– Earnest commitment with an awareness of corporate culture

Community Dialogue and Stakeholder Development:

– Strengthen partnerships

– Continue to grow in community dialogue events sponsored by BWS

– Attend Black Wall Street Summits and Conferences

– Attend Black Wall Street monthly meetings and events

Community Development:

BWS can be significantly be impacted by the community with black business sophistication and knowledge of community which will make it uniquely suited for impacting the spheres of black business community life. Consumer Empowerment:

This proposal calls for the expansion of Black Wall Street to the (district businesses) in order to expand black business organization.

The growing recognition, across the country, that Black Wall Street District USA is involved in the design and implementation of the processes that are cutting edge and would be useful to setting the direction of black business and the Black Wall Street District USA movement across the country. African American projects like Black Wall Street are needed to develop policies and community projects that will address these circumstances and provide a solution for black business