Skill and Faith Athlete For Life

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S and F Athletes began in 2011 out of a dream to build a community where ALL children have an opportunity to succeed. We are a 501(c)(3)  designated non-profit organization that provides after school mentoring program to youth 1 – 6 grades, ages 6 – 12 in Low-income community  within the City of Irving, TX. In our first four years, we worked with approximately 28 High School students. In that time, we saw 26 students  successfully graduate and 14 continue onto college. While our success rates are markedly higher than the average, we recognized that we can  make an even greater impact if we reach the students at a younger age. As a result, we redirected our focus to younger students. Since our launch,  we have expanded our service through community partnerships with Georgia Farrow Recreation center in Irving, the Irving Police Department, The  Study USA, Modeltude Agency, GEM Outreach and AT&T Pioneers. Through our curriculum and programming, we help our youth develop and  maximize their full potential in academic, character, life skills, sportsmanship and health and wellness. At S and F, our heart beats to help our  youth.  

Our Name   S = Skill – your ability F = Faith – your confidence Athletes – willing to compete 

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