Church; True Ministry In The Pulpits.

Sound the Alarms!!!! Sound the alarms to the thousands of churches located in each City and to the hundreds of Churches in each neighborhood and the 10-15 Churches on every other block across the states. Our neighborhoods need an example of the God you speak of behind your doors. As Spiritual leaders in our communities, show us and our suffering society of youths how to effectively unite. Do not continue to fail us. Show us an example of God’s Love by uniting with your fellow churches. Hear God’s voice and extend your hand so that we collectively join as one across this great land; breathing the breath of life to the remaining many who need resuscitation.

Our Fathers who art not in our homes (heavens)! How-eth that we get alone, when our churches stay separated preaching from the same book? Why have not all Churches united as one? Who can we trust when we now have more competition than members, with no examples to this new generation of youths to follow?

If we all see that there are fewer fathers, should it not also be the responsibility of the Church to see this as the problem and come together in the physical (one body) and spiritual (One God) removing all pride (ego) providing an antidote of unity (One). Yes there’s an overflow of fatherless families but just as many churches on every corner to educate them.

The People need teaching and less preaching. Nothing against preaching but preaching is an emotional stimulant that feeds us temporarily, lasting only for a short time and for generations, no one seems to question or discuss preaching original purpose…


I remember one of many occasions going to a service where the service was full of shouting and on this occasion, witnessing this wonderful woman full of excitement running around the church with what many would say “On fire With God” having a spiritual connection with her father; but when service was over, I got cussed out in the parking lot by the same wonderful lady for unintentionally driving the wrong way in my attempt to exit the premises. This was hilarious and sad but also quite informative on how quickly we changed from one spirit/emotion/energy to the next.

But teaching – The act, practice, something taught; will remain with us for life. It allows us to have a clear path (instructions/directions) on how to maintain our behavior/emotion/energy. ACTION!!

With teaching, we learn to fully understand our own behavior, the behaviors of others and how to effectively respond when affected thus bringing less resistant to understanding our purpose. What I am saying is we as a country are suffering from many different behavioral issues with no purpose and preaching isn’t the solution. Learning from our educators and those in leadership authority has become a necessity for change beginning with Church leaders hiring those in these positions to bring weekly classes to those affected/infected. (All of Us)

Use the people’s offerings to bring in relationship experts, quality educators/professionals ( no Pun Intended ) to educate and counsel those of us who lack parenting skills, finances, depression, basic life skills, communication , and teaching men how to be fathers and husbands @ no cost.(their offerings). This not only provides quality education and unlimited paid jobs to all educators, teachers, self-help groups, health professionals, Non Profits, trainers, Dr., directors, coaches but it also provides opportunities for our youth to go to school for these positions so that they can better serve their communities creating a continuous cycle of supply and demand continually empowering our own community.

The Church offerings will now be helping the blind seek better education (see) and employing those who the world has given up on (raising the dead). This makes us less dependent on the government becoming self-sufficient, creating our own resources.

Set schedules so that people will know ahead of time what class they will attend weekly, This will bring more men back to the church to learn( what it was intended for) and into the homes to stay with benefits, educating their own sons and daughters with confidence.

The Church has more women because there are fewer men in the homes. And the Church has fewer men due to the unlimited supply of church scandals and the constant feeding of sexual desires and ego’s (Edging God Out). We (men) know us very well, we have to live with us every single day and every man knows what I mean as I write this piece (peace), so we as men recognize what is legit and what is counterfeit more than thy women (victims)!!!

No Male Lions equals a Wild uncontrollable Kingdom with zero direction. Lions killing Lions with no pride!! Wizard of Oz……

But it would take humility for pastors to not seek all the glory and finances, but wisdom and awareness to see the vision. This type of Love ministry would actually set a pastor apart from all pastors who are about self-bringing true healing to their city (land) creating a ministry unlike any ministry has ever seen before; teaching any who walks into their congregation despite religious preferences.

People don’t mind giving when they are receiving/LEARNING. We can talk Jesus/Budda/Allah/Jehovah all day but when a kid doesn’t know how to tie his own shoe, WWJD? Tell him how or TEACH HIM HOW!!!

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