Step 4

This can be an extremely important component in the forming process for your project because it can influence the direction and success of your proposal to business owners in the potential district.

– Organizational:

Do you have the support from the business owners in the potential district? Is there any opposition?

Set specifics of initial meeting with business owners: Date, time, place Identify Chairman and Secretary Establish meeting format and agenda Assign hospitality responsibilities including coffee/tea/sodas, name tags, sign-in sheet.

– Documentaion Filings:

Articles of Incorporation: Create Articles of Incorporation. Feel free to utilize the template provided by Black Wall Street District USA, and modify as your district needs grow.

Bylaws: Create official Bylaws.

Feel free to utilize the template provided by Black Wall Street USA, and modify as your district needs grow. File necessary incorporating documents with your states incorporating agency. Normally the states incorporating agency is the Secretary of States office. Black Wall Street district’s will file as a merchant or trade association.

Regular Meetings: New districts are required to meet twice per month to establish a record of minutes, agendas and resolutions documentation. Financial: Establish a bank account with a minimum two signers. The account should be for your Black Wall Street District business only.

– Leadership:

Who has governance (district chair) over the project? Identify the people to be involved: City, county and/or state officials Public and Private sector agencies Community volunteers and other interested persons Church leaders

What goals do they have for the project?

Prepare and send letters of invitation to potential participants. Meeting purpose Invitation to participate Date, time, place and directions Deadline, date and contact person for response.

Include the following materials with the letter:

Preliminary agenda List of invited participants – Influences:

What professional groups are interested?

Is the project stable enough to support the organization mission? – Politics:

Which decision makers can impact the project? What can jeopardize the project?

Do you have the support of the political leaders?

– Economics:

Is financial support for the project secure?