Step 3

Process Objectives

These are the objectives that provide the groundwork or implementation necessary to achieve your other district development objectives. The Black Wall Street District establishment the group will need to adopt a comprehensive plan for improving neighborhood communications and economic activities. In this case, adoption of the plan itself is the objective.

Behavioral Objectives

These objectives look at changing the behaviors of people (what they are doing and saying) and the products (or results) of their behaviors. For example, your Black Wall Street establishing group needs to develop an objective for having an increased amount of community members taking charge (the behavior) and by creating both entrepreneurial relationships which expands commerce (the result).

Community-level Outcome Objectives

These are often the product or result of behavior change in many people. They are focused on change at the community level instead of an individual level. For example, the same Black Wall Street organizing groups might have an objective of increasing the percentage of people living in the community with adequate housing as a community-level outcome objective. More housing increases more business activities.

Based on history it will be the working class in the newly implemented Black Wall Street District that will fuel economic growth resulting in more business investment and venture capitalism.