“Don’t Talk About Us, Be ABout Us”

⁣This video depicts all of the facts and issues that the young community faces as they strive to become great business people.
The reality is that in the corporate sector, the youth community is not always treated equitably. Most individuals who are already at the top of the food chain, those with major products and services sponsorships who are being featured in all of the finest and most prestigious magazines do not have a clue where to start to help the younger generation. The young community, on the other hand, is confronted with a massive wall of obstacles when it comes to starting a business. Why? Because we do not have a voice.

Adults are constantly telling us, when we are sharing that times have changed and how they must change with time. They believe they have the best solution for us when we as youth and young adults see that they do not have solutions for themselves. They fight, they squabble, they argue, they are equally divided and how do they expect us to be different when we see their actions as the hate amongst each other increasing everyday. Is this what you want us to become?

No Thank You!! Be the Example by letting us be an example for you! Currently, It’s like going into a lion’s lair, where only the strongest will make it out alive. But why is it necessary for it to be a lion’s den? Why does it have to be that our elders, those we are taught to respect, are never supportive of each other and new businesses that best represent us vs working their 9-5 jobs with no room for growth and experience for our future? Is its apprehension about the unknown? Perhaps they are concerned that our youth’s startup will become the next great thing! That is why we are here to support the youth community to employ them on a national level.

The high-tier businesses have more funding when compared to a startup business so obviously, they can afford a much better offer when it comes to choosing and selecting the proper sponsors to service all small businesses. So by purchasing our interactive business cards and placing an ad in the first virtual video business directory magazine, with half the proceeds going to students globally, this makes us self supportive. A great start to a future that looks dim for us all.

The future of technology branding. And in return, our youth and community will support every business that will support our initiative. Youth and technology is the future of every nation and both would only prosper when properly supported by the adult and business community. Removing those that have control over our lives with decisions that are old , out-dated and no longer in our best interest. So, we say, hand it over to us and watch us come together without the racism, the bigotry and the fear that keeps us divided.

What we are saying is, to the wealthy and businesses, it is simple. Don’t Talk ABout Us, Be ABout US!! Listen To Us!!!

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  1. Hi, this is a comment.
    We simply have not stop believing, so if you have, start believeing again by adopting our ideology of returns going back into the hands of the people. Simply imagine and it may be difficut, but simply imagine all the money these platforms are making are strategically handed back into the hands of the people as a monthly stimilus. This is our objective and with true transparency. Remember, when there is ownership owned by the people, we can do anything we plan!!! Collectively!!

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