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Have you ever heard of a platform that is providing you with the same like Platforms that you are already using - a service for a service; only they are using their profits to rebuild and create their own reparations? And all we have to do is switch from these platforms that has had U.S. living in slavery to make it possible?  What is there to think of? Switch Today!!

And all we have to do is switch from these platforms that has had us living in slavery to make it possible?   to Objective to build resorts that consist of Apartments, Lofts & homes on purchased Land while providing little to none and free rental for some as well as furnsihed living arrangements, education and all the essentials for small business owners , homeowners and their family to thrive financially off the land (farming ) while chasing their purpose. Also to establish a positive direction consisting of Physical and Nubian virtual Strip of properties that allow B2B and B2C support. 

Reparation Giveaways

Welcome to UMYO Million Dollar equal 100K weekly subscription giveaway. UMYO next Winner!!! As a people, we are being separated and divided and there are ghosts that we cannot see that continues to divide. We say to those ghosts, though we cannot see you or completely understand your agenda,  it will not stop us from believing in each other.

We are controlling our own destiny by making this site an International Community site for the people. We are creating our own reparations for the many that are working 2-4 jobs as well as those who are seeking financial assistance for bills, new business, start up, family, food, homeliness, and for those who just want a better life. We are unsure where those dollars are going so we have created a transparency giveaway where those within the community are the recipients.

Each month we are seeking 1 Million registered members to donate 1 dollar. Once we reach that one Million we will giveaway 100k weekly to one of our registered members. This giveaway will continue weekly as we continue our 1 dollar monthly membership.  It is our intention for everyone of our registered members to eventually win. If there are 2 million registered voters, two winners will receive 100k weekly. The more registered voters, the more weekly giveaways. Why can’t there eventually be over 30 Million?

The more registered members paying one dollar, the more lives we are able to provide true family assistance too. Also each winner also receives a financial adviser and a life coach. Its imperative that we understand the value of the dollar so that we can learn the power of the dollar.

Part of these resources will be also going toward creating our own Media where youth are trained and paid to brand for Small Business owners across our great country. Its imperative that we take upon the mindset of taking care of our own vs depending on the system. This leaves our now generation with tools they take part ownership in and control their own destiny vs no solution and no way out. No more excuses, so we are starting with you. One dollar a month can heal and provide food, transportation for many. Its a start and this is only the beginning.

For so long we have waited for the system to assist us when the system has been sharing with us, we must do it ourselves. This subscription is international for everyone to receive unlimited gifts and opportunities for family assistance provided by the communities. Th way it was always intended to be. Register today and share our message of What Would God Have His People Do, An Act of God!!!

Register your video sharing how 100K can help you, your family in the now!!

What we doing with our profits?

We Become The Healer

Taking Care Of Each Other- The Way It was Intended

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