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Did God Leave It To Us?

Objective to provide free Courses (in Person and Via Virtual) using our own platforms Globally. Also, to educate our own with qualified educators who want to teach these trades with our youth but cannot in the public schools. We believe that this creates our own jobs, colleges, careers and employs communities with our own educational system. This is not about white or black, it’s about empowerment for our youth and creating a system within a system that helps us all. This allows the US to support US and while both political parties are fighting and as many more who are traumatized by these events and losing their minds, we can show them how as a Community we can improve the current system. So, we are providing a service for a service, vs asking only for donations. Each month as you support our platforms, we employ educators, youth, the underemployed, the unemployed and our students.

We buy land and create opportunities for low cost living, and for some free living until we can pay it forward. With the support of our community, and our community supporting your business, organization and community in return, it’s unlimited what we can collectively do. There have been many of us operating for the purpose of others vs our own and this can be frustrating over the years not only for ourselves but for our families. Now we can find our own purpose. We have educators who can teach our youth as well as adults how to build our own servers, wi-fi, towers and so much more. This will take an “An Act of God” and for some of us, we believe that God has left us and for those that are remaining, let’s show the God in us. 

We look at it simple, since technology giants are making a fortune operating in greed, lets create similar platforms, integrate over and not only give most of the earnings back to you but use those earnings to create our own stimulus. Isn’t this what we have been asking for. We can only do this with technology and if we wait too late, there will be nothing we can do. We refuse to believe that our time is up, we still have minds that can think for themselves and others will follow. So, invest in our platforms as we re-create what was always intended. A Collective Masterpiece!!! Using technology is the only way because there is nothing we can operate without it. Let’s show these tech giants we can independently think for ourselves. And for those who still support those who are selling our data, we now know who side you are on. You will see platforms created by our youth, by the young adults. When you have the green, those who want to switch parties can now do so!!

SUPPORT BLACKWALLSTREET TX with the needed referrals  ( we will be working hand and hand with this organization, showing results with TRUE Transparency as well as XYAYX, UHURU, & HUE TECHNOLOGY!!! 




Wi-Fi Optives



*Application Building

*Audio and Sound Engineering

*Behavioral Life Coaching

*Blueprint Reading

*Boxing/Self Defense

*Camera Tech

*Dance Choreography

*Excel Training

*Financial Literacy


*Live Streaming Broadcast

*Marketing and Branding

*Real Estate

*Sheet Metal

*Website Development

*TV Broadcasting

*Video Editing


Platforms To Support Monthly

Majority of our platforms we created where the profit goes to you. Its a Win Win for us all. Its reprogramming letting us know what we can have when technology is owned by Servents of the Most High. Your Monthly support allow us to reach our goal easily!! Support our platforms and see how it supports you back in return. 

A small Few Of what Our Youth Enjoys