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Black Wall Street Heart Of TX of Technology is creating unlimited Technology districts for the urban area which allows various center of businesses, industries, and culture to thrive all on one virtual commercial strip empowering the  50%-70% or more businesses owned by African Americans. Your membership assist us in providing Free Global virtual educational trade courses with immediate jobs.

"A Community Sense Solution”

Reparations, Jobs, Trades, Fundraising that Employs, Educate, Empowers, Connects, & Rebuilds Global Communities while Harnesing Technology

Accountability Campaign

As part our mission, The Black Wall Street Heart Of Texas of Technology, virtual accountability Virtual-thon and its members supports only those Businesses who endeavor to support their communities

For generations, communities have supported businesses of all ethnicity, while many of those dollars are not being recirculated back into the community, resulting in zero accountability. Our approach to addressing this issue is what we refer to as a Virtual Business Biz Card Directory Listing. This listing platform uses our proprietary algorithm, allowing us to see who is supporting who, as well as
enabling us to re-invest 50% of the profit to all participating businesses and organizations through membership referrals. This re-investment is not only a sign of our commitment but also our “Thanks” for being a part of the solution.

We have also developed our version of AI technology platforms for users in global communities to maintain their privacy, have the ability to give and to share, without selling user’s data or making decisions for you!!! Using these platforms allows us all to create reparations for those who needs it.  Our countries are hurting as a whole and we are here only to provide solutions everyone with a Heart can agree with. With a call for accountability for all of us, we can employ the  jobless, a student with zero income , or elderly who are on a fixed income.  We are not taught  as a whole how to invest in ourselves and our communities collectively. So we compete as more with less opportunities are forced to struggle. Until now…We are sharing how we can all eat removing the competition, crime, stress, depression, poverty as well as provide solution to family violence for every living being. When one community suffers, evidence shows eventually all communities begin to suffer. As a Nation, we can’t depend on the system to solve our issues when we have a dependable minds that can problem solve. Greed has taken over. Lets us go into how it works…



If You are Not a Member, We are adding your business to Our site so You can explain why?

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Accountability!! We must all admit we have relied on parties to determine our fate as well as allowed it to divide even the brightest of brightest of minds by financial bribery and special interest groups. This is only for those who believe in “It Takes All Of US” to be United!! Therefore, we have created our own platform that supports start up businesses , small, medium to large. When you support your country with a monthly membership, we use our profits to build internationally. No different than a Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or amazon, only we are using our profit to hire, to educate, to connect and to build.  A service for a service.. Whats in it for ME??? What we are doing is providing Free Virtual Educational courses that can provide immediate employment……such as 

When a community partners as one “UNIT” owning their own technology; understanding that all current platforms combined makes literally trillions of dollars yearly, this allows us to share it with our suffering communities with residual earnings to operate within our own purpose vs working for the purpose of others. We need each person to register and transition to these platforms and let us take you step by step on how we provide reparations to unlimited communities… 

Hmmm, So, What else Do I Get?


As you Integrate your business and your customers, clients, consumers, subscribers, family and friends over to our new technology, this allows U.S as a Unit to create more of our own as well as train our youth to learn technology and other trades at zero cost. BWSTX created like platforms that gives majority ownership back to the people vs take.  A Service for a Service vs donations that never reaches the needed amount. We will provide simple instructions that anyone can follow and they will see the results based upon community owned platforms. This means it goes back to you! True blackwallstreet is when everyone can thrive and for those who can’t, we assist them at no cost until they can pay it forward.

Support and use our platforms and see the difference we make. Starting with the communities Virtual Business Cards. This will be our way to show we are not only on board as a supporter but as a supporter we will create unlimited jobs, positive cash flow and unity, as it was always intended. When every member gets a virtual biz card starting as low as $20 monthly, we become the change of our ancestors.  You choose which package you can afford! Half donated back to the Cause. Now businesses are not only listed in the first Virtual Interactive card with a directory, not only affordable branding power, not only employing our community, not only branded by hundreds to thousands more daily, not only now able to chat with other businesses and consumers in real time, not only able to follow other businesses, but also have Unlimited amenities and discounts for your support.

What business wouldn’t invest a minimum of $20 monthly, branding your own business to hundreds to thousands more daily collectively with incentives? If we can’t spend $20 monthly for our own business with a cause as a single Unit, what more of a solution do we need? Support your business while supporting a “Cause” Today!! See our “I Scratch Your Back , We Scratch Your Back in Return” Campaigns that are now controlled and Supported By The People!! We have to take care of each other in order to survive. A plan that holds us all accountable.

We are Supporting only those Businesses that are Supporting Community. A New Approach to an Old Concern that will soon no longer be Our Concern. 

Dr. Mary Lee - Community Economic Development Plan

CDC Program – Building community development corporations
and community development financial institutions in every black
city, community and neighborhood. CDCs centralize services and
provide the conduit for receiving grants and capital funding for distribution
within its neighborhoods for the betterment of its residents. In other words,
“Ordinary People can get the funding with strategic planning and

Capitalizing on her success with non-profits as a philanthropic strategist and entrepreneur, she helps those seeking funding opportunities to leverage surrounding human skills and talents to qualify for grants, loans, and capital investors. Her exceptional planning, organizing, fund-winning record, and proven account management skills are beyond exceptional. More of a WIN WIN WIN consistently from one vision to another.

For many years she has been successfully planning, developing, and building businesses, grant/proposal writing departments, and management teams from ground zero, resulting in winning proposals in the $10’s millions, and thriving businesses. She is a skilled communicator, instructor, and project leader.

Not To Sound Greedy But is there More I Get?

What else do you want? Really? Okay, Yes there is much more. The reason we can offer all of these services at such a low monthly cost is simply because the platforms are community owned. Quality Inexpensive Social Media, Text, Email, Virtual, Digital Branding cost for all your business type needs for only $20-$109 monthly for start up businesses and we have incredible affordable prices for all small, medium to large. businesses. When you register, You select which package is best for your Business. You can also select a person, business or organization where half of your monthly cost goes during registration. The community in return Supports Your Business. Registering is simple as simple . Also, Advertise In The First and New Virtual Interactive Video, Audio, Image Magazine Directory for as low as $99 Monthly

Marketing and Branding Your Businesses

Monthly Giveaways

Branded 24/7 365

Coupon codes

1.5 Million email, text marketing Database

Social Media Branding to Unlimited Platforms

50/50 Referral fee per registration

Search Engine for your business type

Add your products, goods, and services

You create your own cards in 5 easy steps

Support Organization of choice

Listed in Virtual Branding Interactive Directory

Platform where everyone brands each other

Virtual Interactive Video Magazine listing for extra branding

Additional Free Card templates to choose from per package

Network with your Customers, Clients, Continuance, collaborate for mutual benefits.

blogs, personal journals, email lists, online forums, comment sections, online groups & Virtual Magazines

Your business is now supported and branded by listed Colleges, communities, Organizations, HBCU'S, educational institutions and other businesses.

Global Community Campaigns

When You Support My Campaign; We The Community And Directory Listing Supports Your Business
"A You Scratch My Back, We Scratch Your Back" Approach!! Find Out How??

Virtual Magazines (additional Branding)


UMYOCards.Com (Everyone gets one for membership)

How Virtual Biz Card Directory Works

Virtual Biz Card Directories for - Afrikan, Hispanic, Asians, And Indies Coming Soon


Register as a member rather you are a start up business, small medium or large or a person with a job. $1.49 per week for those who are employed. Invest in your community. We will do the rest. Get Free Courses & More.  Save Your Referral ID To Card


Share Your Referral ID For Customers, Clients, Business Owners, Org, Clients, Friends And Family To Use When They Register


Select Number Of Businesses Needed To Reach Your Goal! Monthly Half Of Each Registration Supporter Goes To Your Campaign. Each Supporter Can Also Refer And Get Half Monthly


Everyone Who Registers Supports Those Listed In The Directory – Packages $19.99 & Up. Very Few Are Donating The Days, Therefore, “A Service For A Service” Shows Who Are Supporting Who Both Ways!



Also Video/Audio Business Magz Directory Listing

Have We Still Become To Forgiving?

Are we aware that we operate as businesses but are relying on certain platforms to stay in business? Have we again become too relaxed, trusting and too comfortable? When we make a conscious decision to integrate to privacy, privacy, privacy; our numbers show as the majority. As long as our data (our minds) is sold, we will always be a minority no matter the numbers. We can no longer look the other way. Control of our own Technology is now EVERYTHING!! Supporting Nubian Platforms put the power back in the hands of the people. All people who believe in people. There are no more excuses.

As long as we stay on some of these platforms, our privacy and secrets will always be compromised. We are currently sharing all our plans, ideas, thoughts with no privacy. Research it for yourself because our future depends on it. “IAM” says we cant stay accustomed to this abuse especially when we now have options!! Come to the other side and grow with U.S. before their platforms shut down purposely by design! Again, leaving us to far behind! Lets show our adversaries that our eyes have opened and our youth that we can STAND UNITED on something that makes sense. No matter how we look at it,  our youth “Are” because we have been their example!!

Nubian Featured Platforms

A selection of Black-owned platforms you should know exist

Umyo Interactive Virtual Business Card And Directory Listing

Special Offer $19.97 & Up Monthly

UMYO Virtual Interactive Video Business Cards And Directory; Unlimited Features Regular Cost $400 Monthly

Branding Your Business In The Only Nubian Virtual Directory

One Directory, Once Body, One Voice , One Spirit!!

Umyo Interactive Virtual Business Card And Directory Listing

Start Up Business Special
$ 19
97 & UP Monthly
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Top Rated Directory Listings
  • QR-code
  • Save And Forward My Card
  • Social Media Branding
  • Client And Fanbase Brands For You 24/7 365

The First Video From Demo Will Explain As A Community How Our Nubian Bwsusa Community Economic Stimilus Plan Rids Us All From Economic Dependency.. As A Community When We Work As A Unit, We Empower U.S. All Globally. Pre-register For Free And Never Answer To Anyone Other Than Self. You Are Now Taking A Seat At The Head Of Your Own Table…removing Poverty And Dependency Starts Simply By Nubians Pre-registering For Free…..

Free Virtual Membership Card - 1. Click Card 2. Register 3. Select "0" Free Package